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Broadening medical expertise: from the clinic to the lab bench and back

The Project

Medicine is a pillar of wellness and health, and research is critical to meeting health challenges and improving health care. In this project, participants with an interest in science, medicine or health care will be involved in an active learning environment in a realistic, dynamic medical experience with opportunities to participate in simulations.

For two weeks they will have the opportunity to discover the work in a university hospital and learn about the challenges faced and the research developed in the different specialized Institutes/Centers of the Hospital Clínic. In small groups, students will have the opportunity to delve into some of these areas of medical specialization of their interest and, together with expert physicians and researchers, understand how a given clinical problem triggers specific research.

Students will attend lectures, learn and practice clinical and research skills, and explore healthcare careers with various medical professionals from different Institutes/Centers at Hospital Clinic.

We expect students to learn about the basics about diagnostics and treatment, working alongside physicians, nurses, and medical students in specialized small groups. Clinical activities will be complemented with training in a translational research environment in IDIBAPS and with an experience at the medical simulation laboratory at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona.

Finally, students will be able to investigate future career opportunities by being introduced to the network of Campus Clinic-affiliated healthcare professionals, and participate in engaging careers conversations to learn about their specialties and career paths as they relate some of their most memorable patient cases.

Last but not least, the experience intends the students to learn and practice critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills that will help them prepare for college, work, and life!


Matching profiles

This project is addressed to students interested in Health sciences, Biomedicine or Biology.

Learning objectives

Participants will have the opportunity to work and learn with the goal to:

  • Be exposed to the complexity of clinical practice of excellence
  • Understand how to address clinical unknowns through research.
  • Be acquainted with the methods currently used in basic biomedical research.
  • See how a clinical simulation laboratory can help in medical education.



Required materials


Coordinators of the project

Àlvar Agustí

  • Graduated in Medicine 1979 (Universitat de Barcelona). Suma cum laude
  • PhD 1985 (Universitat de Barcelona). Suma cum laude
  • Fogarty Scholar (NIH), University of Chicago, US, 1989-1991
  • Full Professor of Medicine, Universitat de Barcelona.
  • More than 500 peer-review publication (H-index: 105)