If you are interested in attending BIYSC 2020, be sure you meet all the requirements listed in Candidates’ Profile and proceed with the following steps:

  • The applicant's parent/legal tutor must complete and submit the AUTHORIZATION FORM, which must include:
    • Contact details of the parent/legal tutor authorizing the application 
    • Contact details of the student
    • Research project in which the applicant wants to participate (3 preference options)
    • Contact details of the school teachers that will recommend the student (name and email) 
  • Once submitted, the student will immediately receive an email with the link to the APPLICATION FORM, that he/she will have to fill with the following information:
    • Official academic transcript/s
    • Reasons for having chosen the specific research projects (in a video format: you will have 1 minute for each project you have chosen to explain yourself. Be original!)
    • Personal statement and motivation letter
    • Personal experience in the field of science
    • Ethical argumentation in science
    • Explanation of the initiatives that the student will undertake to collect the necessary funds to cover the participation fee.
  • At the same time, the applicant's science/mathematics/technology teacher and the tutor/head teacher/head of studies will receive an email with a link to the RECOMMENDATION FORMS.

To enter the selection process is essential to submit all four listed forms:

  • Authorization form of the applicant’s parent/legal tutor.
  • Application form.
  • Confidential recommendation form of the science, mathematics or technology teacher.
  • Confidential recommendation form of the tutor, head teacher or head of studies of the center.

There will be three application calls:

  • 1st Application Call: December 3rd 2019 – January 14th 2020*
  • 2nd Application Call: January 15th - February 25th 2020*
  • 3rd Application Call: February 26th – April 1st 2020

Application does not guarantee the direct entry to the program. All candidates will be part of the selection process. The final selection will be communicated to all candidates via email as described in the Selection Process.

* Once the reviewing board reaches the 100 selected candidates, the following calls will be cancelled.