As a fundamental part of science, the 5th Challenge wants to encourage students to communicate and disseminate the knowledge acquired during BIYSC by preparing an oral presentation (the last day of the program) and working in a scientific project (after the program). We want them to be ambitious in their future careers, and above all, we want them to be prepared for everything they may have to overcome in their future academic and professional path.

For this purpose, participants must prepare an oral presentation on the results obtained during the research project performed at BIYSC, that will be presented in groups the last day of the program. In addition, after the program conclusion, they will have to write a scientific project encompassing a topic directly related to the project. It must contain a detailed description of the research project, including its background, materials and methods used, obtained results, discussion of their significance and contribution to the scientific scope, as well as the participant’s bioethical considerations on the issue.

Finally, and as an acknowledgment of having overcome all the Challenges, BIYSC recognizes those students that have shown high commitment in their participation, outstanding performance during the two weeks of the program and that have met successfully all the challenges proposed. To this end, Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation gives the two most committed students in the program the ‘BIYSC Be Passionate With Attitude Award’.