Students must be determined to ask a science teacher or mentor to recommend them to participate in the BIYSC. This confidential recommendation will allow us to learn more about the candidates through what others think of them, their academic and social skills, their potential and the impact they have on others for who they are and their actions.

Through the 2nd Challenge, students applying to BIYSC are expected to be a source of pride for their teachers and an inspiration for their peers in schools around the world. We do not just want them to be smart, but self-confident, determined in what they do and resolute to manage their future.

Meetng this Challenge will allow students to acquire valuable skills that will be very useful when they have to apply to a university or for a future job, where references are a key element and another stepping-stone to achieve their goals.

To meet this Challenge, it is necessary to have passed the 1st Challenge by following the instructions detailed in the Application Process and to proceed with the completion of the Application Form.