Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge (BIYSC)

is a life-changing experience for talented young students from all over the world with a genuine interest in Science and Technology. 

This two-week residential program is held annually in Barcelona, a vibrant city with a scientific and technological ecosystem of international relevance composed by top-ranked Universities and world-class Research Centers and Hospitals. 

BIYSC is designed for an international group of ~150 brilliant young High School students highly motivated for Science, Technology and Research, aged between 16 and 18 years old.

  • The Program aims to boost scientific talent among pre-College students and encourage their enthusiasm to pursue academic and professional careers in Science,Technology and Research. 
  • BIYSC covers a broad range of subjects across STEM fields. Diverse scientific and technological challenges are posed by several international Research Centers, universities and Hospitals based in Barcelona.
  • Participants will have the chance to choose a project that suits their interests and conduct cutting-edge research hands-on in a real context and alongside active researchers.

BIYSC main objectives are to:

  • Inspire bright young scientists to apply their minds to multi-disciplinary research.
  • Empower participants to pursue their research passions.
  • Connect talented students to like-minded peers and eminent scientific leaders, through close and personal interactive sessions.
  • Challenge future scientists to drive their passion with attitude.
  • Engage future scientists to tackle global challenges and use their knowledge to contribute to building a better world.

In addition to the high-level scientific learning, participants will gain other essential skills throughout the program: personal autonomy, self-confidence, communication, teamwork, intercultural understanding and inspiration, resulting in a relevant turning point for their personal, academic and professional development. BIYSC is an amazing opportunity to gain new knowledge, skills and abilities, guide the future and expand horizons and become more open-minded. 

Apart from being a rigorous, immersive, intellectually stimulating and rewarding course focused on Science, BIYSC is also committed to provide the participants with a social program which provides participants with a diverse and enriching experience where international friendships are formed.

After the BIYSC experience, participants will be able to join the Science Fellows’ Community, and will be linked to hundreds of successful and exceptional young scientists, alumni from BIYSC and other Science Programs. This is a supportive international Community that offers numerous opportunities to stay connected, contact peers or mentors, enhance networking and organize and participate in diverse activities, training and exchanges.

BIYSC program highlights: 

  • Immersive and hands-on experience working in a real research project of your choice.
  • Discover firsthand what is like to be a scientist. Access top Research Centers, Hospitals, labs and cutting-edge scientific facilities, and work alongside with real scientists and researchers, as if you were part of their team.
  • Scientific lectures from leading scientists and debates and discussions on the challenges Science and scientists face today and in the future.
  • Visit some of the top International Research Centers and scientific facilities in Catalonia.
  • Develop lifelong friendships and share experiences with like-minded students from all over the world.
  • Sightseeing in Barcelona, and taking part in social and networking activities.
  • Opening and Closing Ceremony at La Pedrera-Casa Milà, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and headquarters of the Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera, organizer of the Program.



BIYSC Participants on a lab
Barcelona general coastal line
Two BIYSC participants during a scientific workshop
La Pedrera_Casa Milà general view
A BIYSC participant with a robot design