After passing the selection process, based on the success in the previous Challenges, the selected participants become part of the BIYSC, once the cost of tuition has been covered. Now the enthusiasm they showed for science will turn into passion to make the most of the BIYSC experience together with researchers and peers.

During the two-week residential program in Barcelona, participants will live a world-class experience by working hands-on on a scientific project of their choice, facing different scientific and technological challenges proposed by researchers and international research centers based in Catalonia and involved in cutting-edge research.

During the program, participants will also have the opportunity to attend scientific lectures given by leading researchers to learn about and discuss with them the scientific challenges, advances, and discoveries that are taking place worldwide and that will shape the future.

While taking part in this experience, we want to encourage our students’ passion for pursuing scientific research and careers in science.

BIYSC will undoubtedly be an experience that will mark the participants for life, and their path in science will be stimulated by their contact with recognized experts and by their fellow program participants.

During and at the end of the program, mentor researchers and BIYSC staff will promote the capacity and motivation of the participants. Those who seize the opportunities and show their passion for learning will have successfully completed the 4th Challenge.