The selection process consists of two phases: preselection and selection.

The PRESELECTION is based on the documentation provided by each applicant. The researchers and professionals in charge of the projects offered in this edition will individually review and assess all applications received. For the preselection the following documentation will be considered:

  • Answers to questions on the application form (reasons to have chosen the specific research project (in a video format), personal statement and letter of motivation and personal experience in the field of science).
  • Recommendation from the educational center (from a member of the teaching staff in the area of science, mathematics, and technology or from the head of studies).
  • The level of English.
  • Academic record.

    There may be two application calls, and the preselected candidates to be interviewed online will be announced depending on each call. 

    The preselected candidates will be called for a personal online interview for the SELECTION to be made. 

    The online interviews will take place on the same week of the preselection announcement, upon the availability of the researchers in charge of the research project. Applicants who pass the final selection will become participants of BIYSC. Selection will be based on the chosen project(s) upon demand. All communications will be via email. The decision of the selection board is unappealable.

    Please check here for the key dates regarding these processes.