The participation fee assumed by the student for participation at BIYSC is 2.950€ per participant.

Unfortunately, due to unexpected and unprecedented increases in accommodation, meals and transportation costs, we have had to raise the Participation Fee. It has been a difficult decision, but we have had to make it in order to maintain the quality and uniqueness of the BIYSC experience at the high levels that have always distinguished this program.

This covers the cost of:

- Accommodation and meals from July 3rd to 14th 2023

- Material used in each of the projects

- Transportation to and from the research centers and activities.

- Social and scientific activities and programmed visits (Science Experiences)

- Cultural visits (Barcelona Experience)

- Remuneration of the researchers, lecturers, and staff

- Accident and civil responsibility insurance


The participation fee does NOT cover:

- Transportation to/from Barcelona to attend the program


BIYSC is organized by Science Academy - Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation, a private, independent and non-for-profit foundation.


Payments policies

The registration fee comprise a first nonrefundable deposit and a final payment. The total amount can be paid in full or separately.

  • The first payment of 1.000€ must be made within 10 days of receipt of the acceptance email to the program. 
  • The second payment is of 1.950€.  

Candidates who do not pay within the deadlines will be automatically excluded from the program. Check the key dates here.

We accept payments via online/virtual TPV (credit/debit card), a payment gateway which allows to make easy and secure payments and bank transferences but we do not accept bank charges, please ensure the full amount reaches us.

The prices are in Euros and are in force at the time of the enrolment in the educational and training program. In compliance with the Act 37/1992 of December 28 on Value Added Tax (Article 20, Section 1, Number 9), the VAT will not be applied to enrolment fees for educational programmes. Therefore, the final prices shown on screen are exempt from the VAT. Any other tax, at the current rate, legally required at the time of registration or payment may apply to the specified prices.

Cancellation policies

Any cancellation after June 15th, 2023 will be charged the full participation fee. Cancellation will be accepted only in case of serious illness of the participant (need medical proof in writing).

In the event that the participant chooses to withdraw from the program voluntarily, without justified cause, the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation will not refund any of the payments already made.

Only in the case where the participant claims that the cancellation is due to sufficiently justified personal reasons, or in those cases not provided for in these regulations, the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation may request accrediting documentation from the participant, and each case will be evaluated individually. The decision of the Foundation will be final.

If the cancellation is due to legal mobility restrictions resulting from the pandemic situation due to COVID-19 decreed by the participant's country of origin or by the countries of transit or destination, the Foundation will reimburse the amounts paid, with the exception of 10% of the program fee, corresponding to management and organization expenses.

As a general rule, the Foundation reserves the right to modify, unilaterally and for justified reasons, any aspect that affects the sessions of the training programs, without this generating any right to a refund of the amounts paid by the participant or his or her tutors.

Cancellation of the program by Science Academy-Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation

If the event that the Catalunya la Pedrera Foundation, due to internal causes, has to cancel the program definitively and completely once the payment has been made, and as long as the program cannot be run in another format, place or on different dates, the refund of 100% of the amounts paid will be reimbursed covering the period until the time of cancellation. These amounts will be refunded using the same method used for payment.

Cancellation of the program due to force majeure or situations not attributable to either the participant or Science Academy-Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation

Force majeure means any unforeseeable, unavoidable and overwhelming situation or event beyond the control of the parties (e.g. war, revolution, terrorist acts, border closures, epidemics, natural disasters, etc.). If the Catalunya la Pedrera Foundation is faced with a situation of force majeure that affects the development or continuity of the program, all those affected will be notified immediately, specifying the nature, effects, duration of the situation, if possible, and the measures that will be taken to deal with the force majeure situation.

If the complete cancellation is due to the health situation and to the restrictions or regulations in force at the time arising from the pandemic situation due to COVID-19, the Foundation will reimburse the amounts paid, with the exception of 10% of the program fee, corresponding to management and organization expenses.

Funding and scholarships

One of the Challenges of BIYSC is to get financial support by the participants to support their participation.

Science Academy is very conscious that the cost of the program can be a barrier and we do not want to miss any passionate student, so we encourage participants to seek financial assistance to support their attendance.

The Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation is a private non-for-profit institution that promotes opportunities for all young people, and operates in the territory of Catalonia. Therefore, we do not want to leave out of the program for economic reasons any local (Catalan based) student who is selected to participate in the BIYSC. We will consider providing scholarships to local selected students with difficulties to afford the cost of tuition. If you are a Catalan candidate that have been selected to participate in the program and this is your situation, please contact us at to apply for a scholarship within the official deadlines before making any payment.