The participation fee is 2,600€ per participant.

This covers the cost of:

- Accommodation and meals from July 4th to 15th 2022

- Material used in each of the projects

- Transportation to and from the research centers

- Social and scientific activities and programmed visits (Science experience)

- Remuneration of the researchers, lecturers, and staff

- Accident and civil responsibility insurance


The participation fee does not cover:

- Transportation to/from Barcelona to attend the program

- Optional cultural visits offered to participants (Barcelona experience)


Payments and cancellation policies

The registration fee comprise a first nonrefundable deposit and a final payment. The total amount can be paid in full or separately.

Please see Terms and conditions for more details.


Funding and scholarships

One of the Challenges of BIYSC is to get financial support by the participants to support their participation.

Science Academy is very conscious that the cost of the program can be a barrier and we do not want to miss any passionate student.

The Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation is a private non-profit institution that operates in the territory of Catalonia and promotes opportunities for all young people. Therefore, we do not want to leave out of the program any local (Catalan based) student who is selected to participate in the BIYSC for economic reasons. We will consider providing scholarships to local students with difficulties to afford the cost of tuition. If this is your situation and you have been selected to participate in the program, please contact us at to apply for a scholarship before making any payment.