While working in the previous challenges, applicants are encouraged to commit on their dreams by putting loads of efforts in seeking financial assistance to support their participation at BIYSC.

Although we expect parents or legal tutors to be the main source of their funding, we want BIYSC participants to be conscious that when becoming a scientist, getting funds is a key element for achieving their goals.

Through this 3rd Challenge, we encourage students to be creative on thinking of possible ways of self-funding, which will be taken into consideration for the final selection of BIYSC participants.

We want them to ask their teachers if their school have bursaries to recognize talented students or if they know of any local charity, foundation, company that might consider funding their participation to the program or part of it. In addition, there are other initiatives that students can undertake in order to earn some money to help cover the participation fee of the program, such as: 

  • Gather up some friends and make something you can sell afterwards, or re-sell stuff you do not need online or at a second hand market.
  • If you are good at a subject in school or playing an instrument, tutor your friends and neighbors and help them out with the homework and studying for tests.
  • Babysit for your neighbors and your parents’ friends. Or during the vacation months (summer, Christmas, Easter…), when you do not have school, but parents still need to go to work, you can hold a daycare service in the neighborhood. This works best if you have some friends helping you out too.
  • If you are comfortable around animals, pet sit or dog walk for your neighbors.
  • Get a part-time job, or a job you can do during your vacations. If your parents own a business, you can also ask your parents to let you work part-time.
  • If you play an instrument or sing well, gather up some friends, form a music band and perform in local festivals, weddings and other ceremonies.
  • If you consider yourself a good artist, sell you artwork.
  • Start a YouTube channel to promote your talent. If you get popular, you can apply to the partnership program and get paid for it.

Within the Application Form, students must explain how they plan to collect the necessary funds to cover their participation fee in case of becoming selected. The selection board will better consider those candidates that work harder to get financial support and this will be reflected in the final selection.

To surpass this challenge, it is essential to follow the instructions detailed in the Application Process and proceed with the Application Form completion.

* We are very conscious that the cost of the program can be a barrier and we do not want to miss any passionate student. Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation is committed to give opportunities to young people and do not want to leave any student who has been admitted to BIYSC out of the program for economic issues. For this reason, we will consider providing scholarships for local students with difficulties to meet the cost of tuition.




The Network of Youth Excellence (NYEX) offers Summer Science Camp Scholarships to encourage participation in international programs. Two scholarships of 500€ each will be granted to NYEX associated students or international students participating in BIYSC 2018. Scholarships may totally or partially cover registration and tuition fee of the program. Scholarships will not cover transportation to and from the program site. Scholarships will be transferred directly to the organizing institution, Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation. Only after a students is selected to attend the program, he/she will be able to issue the attached form which need to be mailed to NYEX contact Thomas Wendt ( no later than May 31st