Pre-selected candidates will be interviewed by the researchers in charge of the scientific projects chosen during the application process. A perfect moment to show your interests and skills in science and other disciplines, the motivation to join their team and research project, and what could be their contribution in this program.

Researchers involved in BIYSC are very interested in forming the best teams of participants with whom they will work. In addition to getting to know the candidates through the previous Challenges, they want to meet them in person, so they conduct personal interviews by videoconference.

This is a key Challenge to access the BIYSC, a great opportunity for candidates to demonstrate that they are prepared, smart and great team workers to convince researchers that they are an important piece in the composition of their scientific team and will make the most of the opportunity to participate in the BIYSC.

Even if they are not finally selected, this interview will offer the candidates an experience relevant to learning how to present themselves, show their potential and manage a situation that they will surely face many times in their academic and professional future. Another stepping-stone on the way to achieve their goals.

To meet this Challenge, it is essential to follow the instructions detailed in the Application Process and to proceed with the completion of the Application Form.