The Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge (BIYSC) is an educational program organized by Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation, Passeig de Gràcia, 92 (08008 Barcelona, Spain). VAT Registration No. G65345472. All details here are published in good faith as of September 2016. These Terms & Conditions apply to all BIYSC applicants and participants.


  • Requirements for your application to be considered:
    • To be born between January 1st 2000 and December 31st 2002.
    • The submission of the authorization form with the parent/legal tutor personal information.
    • The submission of the online application form that must fill the candidate student.
    • The confidential recommendation of the science, mathematics or technology teacher.
    • The confidential recommendation of the tutor, head teacher or head of studies in the center.
  • Applications that do not provide all the requested documentation will be excluded from the selection process.
  • The submission of the application form does not guarantee the direct entry to the program. All candidates will be part of the selection process.


  • A panel chosen by Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation will review all applications and will propose the candidates for the program. All applications received will be individually assessed. For the selection it will be considered all the information and documentation of the online application form, which includes:
    • Personal statement and motivation letter.
    • Two confidential recommendation letters of the school teachers.
    • The level of English.
    • Academic record.
    • The enthusiasm and will to participate in scientific research experiences.
    • Explanation of the strategy to get financial support to cover the participation fee.
  • There will be two application calls: from January 15th 2018 to March 4th 2018 (first*), and from March 5th to April 29th 2018(second*). The accepted candidates in each application period will be announced on March 19th (first) and May 14th (second), respectively.
  • Candidates who pass the selection process will become official participants of the program. There will be selected a total of 100 students from all applications (10 for each project).
  • Selection will be based on the chosen project.
  • All communications will be via e-mail.
  • Selected students will join BIYSC from July 9th to 20th 2018. Later, on December 2018, they will be required to send a report on the research carried out during the program, which will be assessed by a scientific panel. 
  • The decision of the selection board is unappealable.
* Once the reviewing board reaches the 100 selected candidates, the following calls will be cancelled.


  • The cost assumed by the student for the participation at BIYSC is 2,150€. The total cost of the stay includes: accommodation and meals from July 9th to 20th 2018, the material used in each of the projects, transportation to the research centers, activities and programmed visits, remuneration of the researchers, lecturers and staff, and accident and civil responsibility insurance. Participants are responsible for seeking financial assistance to support their attendance.
  • A non-refundable deposit of 650€ must be made within 14 days of receipt of the acceptance email to the program*. Candidates who do not pay within the deadline will be automatically excluded from the program.
  • A final payment of 1,500€ must be made before June 1st 2018*. Candidates who do not pay within the deadline will be automatically excluded from the program.
  • BIYSC selection process is based on the qualities of the candidates; no student will be excluded from the program for an economic reason. Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation will consider providing scholarships for local students with difficulties to meet the cost of tuition. Please, contact us if this is your situation.
  • Any cancellation after June 1st 2018 will be charged the full participation fee. Cancellation will be accepted only in case of serious illness of the participant (need medical proof in writing).
* We accept payments by direct Bank Transfer to the account number that we will provide you in case of being accepted in the program. We do not accept bank charges, please ensure the full amount reaches us.


In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 15/1999, of 13 December, the personal data you supply will be dealt with confidentially and will come to form part of a file property of CATALUNYA LA PEDRERA FOUNDATION, which has been duly registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency ( Your personal data will be used to attend to your request for information. We also inform you that you may exercise your rights of access, correction, cancellation and challenge by writing to the following address enclosing a photocopy of your identity card: CATALUNYA LA PEDRERA FOUNDATION REF: PROTECCIÓ DE DADES, PASSEIG DE GRÀCIA, 92, 08008 BARCELONA or to the e-mail address

The internal policy of the program is as follows:

  • Regarding the selected candidatures:
    • Data provided in the application form will be used to manage the student’s participation in the program.
    • Contact details will be also used to provide information on programs and activities of Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation that may be of interest to the participant.
  • Regarding the non-selected candidatures:
    • Contact details provided in the application form will be kept for 12 months and will be used to provide information on programs and activities of Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation that may be of interest to the applicant.
  • The application to the call implies acceptance of these rules. Any aspect that is not expected will be resolved by Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation.


Each participant agrees to abide by our participant code of conduct. Failure to do so may result in that person(s) being asked to leave the program. If this occurs, no refund will be given.

At BIYSC, we have high standards both on campus and off. We expect all of our participants to represent their country and BIYSC to the highest standard possible.

This is our code of practice and as a participant you are expected to follow it:

  • Participant agrees to:
    • Be respectful at all times. Please be advised that customs may be different to your home country and you must respect the traditions, rules and obligations during the program.
    • Behave at all times, with self-discipline.
    • Attend BIYSC events and arrive punctually for all activities.
    • Listen carefully to the information given by the BIYSC Staff Team.
    • Provide notice and reasons for any absences to the BIYSC Staff Team.
    • Discuss any problems with the BIYSC Staff Team.
    • Always behave in a sociable manner, be polite and make an effort to talk to people.
    • Remember to eat sensibly and make sure you get the right amount of sleep.
  • Participant agrees not to:
    • Leave on his/her own; always be accompanied by a Staff member.
    • Buy or consume alcohol, illegal drugs, and smoke.
    • Steal or be involved in illegal activities.
    • Be involved in threatening behavior, bullying, use of offensive language to other participants, researchers, staff or any other person.
    • Have an anti-social behavior affecting the overall enjoyment of the other participants.
    • Impair, interfere with, or obstruct the order, process, or functioning of BIYSC or any of its participants, researchers, staff, official guests or the surrounding community.