Centre for Mathematical Research (CRM)

The Centre for Mathematical Research (CRM), founded in 1984, is Spain's oldest mathematics research institute. Initially part of the Catalan Academy (IEC) and located at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), it now operates as a consortium including the Government of Catalonia, the IEC, and the UAB. The CRM focuses on high-quality mathematical research, knowledge transfer with real-world applications, advanced training, and dissemination of mathematical advancements. It annually hosts international researchers for collaborative programs, promoting cross-disciplinary interactions. Researchers at CRM work in a wide array of mathematical disciplines, such as computational and mathematical biology, phylogenetics, neuroscience, climate change and natural hazards, analysis and partial differential equations, dynamical systems, algebra, geometry, and topology.

Excellence and recognition awards

In 2020, the CRM was honoured with the "Unit of Excellence Maria de Maeztu" Award from the Spanish Research Agency (AEI), aimed at recognising public research organizations, in any scientific area, that stand out due to the relevance and impact of the results obtained during the previous reference period at an international level. It is the second time that the CRM has received this recognition. The CRM was also awarded, in 2000, the Narcis de Monturiol Plate Award to Scientific and Technological Merit, and also holds the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers seal of excellence, awarded by the European Commission.

Director of the center

Lluís Alsedà Soler

  • Earned PhD in Mathematics in 1984, Professor at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona since 2004 with previous permanent academic roles.
  • Led 5 UAB Discrete Dynamical Systems Group research grants from Spanish Ministry of Science, and managed various projects.
  • Supervised 8 PhD and numerous master’s theses; authored 1 book, co-edited 4 books, and published 93 papers.
  • Held Vice-Dean and Director positions at UAB, organized international conferences, evaluated research projects, and co-founded the DANCE network.
  • Member of Barcelona Graduate School of Mathematics Governing Board since 2013, jury for Ferran Sunyer i Balaguer prize, and Associate Editor for DCDS-A and JDEA.
Renowned researcher

Eva Miranda

Full Professor at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, distinguished with two consecutive ICREA Academia Awards (2016, 2021), and a member of CRM and IMTECH. She has recently been awarded the François Deruyts Prize by the Royal Academy of Belgium and a Bessel Prize by the Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation. She is the 2023 Hardy lecturer for the London Mathematical.

She is the director of the Geometry and Dynamical Systems Lab and the leader of the GEOMVAP group (Geometry of Varieties and Applications).

Her research addresses various aspects of Differential Geometry, Mathematical Physics, and Dynamical Systems, such as Symplectic and Poisson Geometry, Hamiltonian Dynamics, group actions, and Geometric Quantization.

The project

Ever wondered how mathematical theories transform into real-world solutions? 

Experience firsthand how mathematicians tackle practical issues: from experimental neuroscience problems to the application of elimination theory for systems of polynomial equations. Join us in this interdisciplinary journey where complex mathematics meet applications. At CRM we work on diverse fields of mathematics, such as computational neuroscience, algebraic geometry, and homotopy theory, integrating theoretical analysis with practical computational methods.

We are eager to share all this knowledge with you!