Our project has been about learning the different mechanisms that occur from DNA to proteins in detail. During this process we have learned the possible diseases that can happen caused by the failure of these proteins, and also have understood how computational chemistry can help in drug design in order to cure these diseases. Every day we have seen different techniques in the lab and computer to identify these problems. Moreover, we have received lessons in order to understand everything in more detail.

We think this has been a really good way to learn, since we have been in the lab most of the time and we have done all the experiments by ourselves. We have been working under supervision of experienced scientists, and this has been very stimulating because we have been able to ask really deep and interesting questions about the most recent discoveries.

Also, another positive thing is that since we have been working at the lab, we have been picturing what it’s like to work in there, and what are the challenges that researchers face every day. This program has allowed us to get more in touch with the working world, especially the scientific one. Most of us have used this experience to realize that working in a lab is one of our passions.