We are Sílvia Piqué, Rut Sendra, Maria Quintana, Cristina Zamarreño, Lola Forn, Nina Esteba, Marc Vallès, Júlia Comabella, Cèlia Ventura and Maria Grau.

Today has been the last day we spent in the lab working on our projects. This means we have already finished the whole process as well as the presentation. We have been working in the CRG which is part of the PRBB.

The project was about taking a closer look at DNA from different fishes we bought in La Boqueria Market in order to decode their DNA. We were able to extract their genetic information and by using PCR we amplified a specific gene (CO1, a mitochondrial gene) from our samples. Our last step was to use Sanger sequencing to know the nucleotide sequence of our gene that allowed us to know for sure which were the species of the fishes that we bought in order to make sure that there had not been a fraud.  

We definitely learnt how to follow a protocol and even elaborate it as well as following the rules and always be cautious and safe. Not all the results were successful but that taught us that science requires perseverance, patience and resilience. Therefore when we repeated parts of the experiments we were able to target the specific steps in which we made mistakes and learn from them.

Finally we want to remark  the cooperation between group mates that  has been essential to complete difficult tasks which required many points of view.