The activities of the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation are adapted to the context of a health emergency. The safety and health of the people involved in our programs (participants and staff) is a priority for Science Academy.

All programs ensure the well-being and maximum safety of the activities that take place there, regardless of format and location.

In all cases, the measures proposed by the health authorities are strictly followed and we have specific safety and hygiene protocols, which will be informed to the people involved in advance.

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The Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation has an Action Plan within the framework of the Covid-19 pandemic, drawn up with the aim of maximising the safety of the people participating in the different science programs. This Plan has been drawn up in accordance with the regulations and containment plans prescribed by the Generalitat de Catalunya and PROCICAT to prevent the risk of transmission and favour the containment of the infection.

The Action Plan covers both the Foundation's own spaces and the spaces belonging to third parties where all or part of the activity of each of the programs is carried out.

Prevention and personal hygiene measures

Whenever possible, individual protection measures shall be complied with, especially the maintenance of social distancing and the use of masks.

Hand washing shall be mandatory and frequent. Multiple hand washing points shall be provided and water-alcohol solution dispensers shall be available.

Cleaning, disinfection and ventilation

Frequent ventilation, cleaning and disinfection of all spaces, surfaces and materials shall be carried out.

Health and safety officer

All activities will have a person in charge of Health and Safety, who will have the certificate of training on prevention and hygiene issued by the Directorate General of Youth and will ensure compliance with the measures set out in the Action Plan.

Formation of groups

The activity will be carried out in group bubbles whenever possible. Contact with people outside this group will be minimised in order to contribute to the safety of the group and to allow good traceability in case of contagion.

Outdoor activities

Priority shall be given to outdoor activities or activities in open spaces with natural ventilation.

Transport and travel

When travelling by public transport, all persons must wear a face mask. Where occupancy levels permit, the maximum separation between users should be ensured.

Traffic flows

To avoid overcrowding, circuits shall be established and circulation shall be organised at specific times and places.

Symptom control

The temperature will be taken daily and the absence of symptoms associated with Covid-19 will be checked. In the case of having symptoms or having been in contact with affected people in the last 14 days, it will not be possible to participate in the activities.

Case management

In the event of a positive case, the protocol established by the health authorities will be followed.

This information is an extract from the Covid-19 Action Plan, which is available on request by e-mail from the program, together with the specific sheet of specific measures for each programme.