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La Salle

La Salle I+D is a research center located in the Campus of La Salle - Ramon Llull University, which brings together 2 recognized research groups, as well as TECNIO, a technology and knowledge transfer center.

La Salle R & D has a long history in various fields of research: from Data Science applied to particle physics at CERN, to the architectural response to the challenges of the world through the application of ICT, including the relationship between person and machine through media technologies and linked human perception.

All research teams are made up of highly qualified professionals and creative researchers that ensure excellence and transversality.

Excellence and recognition awards

La Salle R&D:

  • 2 research groups, both consolidated and funded, by the Catalan Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR) in the call SGR2021. 
  • 1 TECNIO Seal for Technology and Knowledge Transfer – 2020-now

Awards from the researchers involved in the BIYSC project:

  • Premis FAD
  • Premis Adi-FAD
  • Premi Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo
  • Premi Mies Van der Rohe – European Union prize for contemporary architecture
  • Premi Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires
  • Premi Bienal de la Sota
  • Premi Catalunya Construcció
  • Premi Catalunya Ecodisseny
Ranking positioning

Ramon Llull University - La Salle ranks:

  • 6th Place of the Spanish Universities in World University Rankings.
  • 601-650 in QS World University Rankings.
  • 4rth Place in U-Ranking referred to Teaching.
  • 6th Place in Spain in Ranking CyD.
  • 6 undergraduate degrees, in the best Spanish Degrees in El Mundo Ranking.
Director of the center
Rosa Maria Alsina-Pagès

Rosa Maria Alsina-Pagès

  • Her research topics are signal processing and machine learning applied to communications and acoustics, soundscape, citizen science.
  • Has published 45 JCR-WOS impact journals, 22 in Q1 journals, in acoustics and sensing, and its impact in health, in the last 10 years.
  • +85 participations in conferences and workshops of acoustics and health impact
  • + than 35 projects (16 led by herself) funded from public calls or private companies.
  • Research collaborations with ISGlobal (Barcelona) in terms of noise and health; with UCL – Barlett Institute (UK) in terms of Soundscape; with TUBerlin (Germany) in terms of Citizen Science; with CNR (Italy) in terms of noise and perception.
Renowned researcher
Leandro Madrazo

Leandro Madrazo

  • His research topics are energy information systems, open data, building energy efficiency, semantic technologies and architectural pedagogy.
  • 11 public funded projects, Spanish and European projects (FP7 and Horizon Europe), 6 of them leading the entire consortium (reaching 10M€ managed in that projects).
  • Written contributions (books, book chapters, journals, conferences) in international editorials.
  • 11 PhD Thesis directed (6 finished and 5 ongoing).
  • Fulbright Grant to Study the Master of Architecture in UCLA and Harvard University. PhD Thesis defended at ETH Zurich.
The project

We live and work in places where we like to be comfortable and enjoy a healthy and pleasant environment. Sound, and noise, have a great importance in how we feel in our home or an office, even having effects in our health.

The brilliant architect Gaudí already considered this, and in La Pedrera-Casa Milà, his last residential building, he applied inspiring techniques to face this challenge. By analysing his work, and using modern engineering knowledge and techniques, we can learn how to improve our lives through an architecture that takes acoustic comfort into account.

Are you ready to learn from an architectural genius and take a look at how future architecture and engineering can improve our daily lives?