Department of Mathematics at Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)

The Department of Mathematics, which is part of the UAB Faculty of Science, is the fundamental structure responsible for organising and developing research and knowledge transfer among its academic staff and its research staff in training. The Department is also responsible for teaching mathematics and statistics in centres, faculties and schools at the UAB, in accordance with their requirements and the teaching programmes in place, and is responsible for organising and developing doctoral and postgraduate programmes and courses.

The Department's members are academic staff, research staff in training, and administration and services staff, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students undertaking research activities under the responsibility of a member of the Department's academic staff.

The Department's main functions are:

  • Coordinating and providing the assigned teaching activities.
  • Supporting the teaching and research activities of its staff.
  • Promoting and signing contracts related to research and technology transfer.
  • Participating in the assessment of the quality of teaching, research and management.
  • Promoting the establishment of contacts with those involved in teaching mathematics in secondary schools.
The project

Can a computer understand, or even prove, a theorem?

Axiomatic geometry (300 B.C.) builds all our geometric knowledge by logically reasoning from a minimal set of premises or postulates. In a very similar way, recent software like LEAN (2013) has taken the challenge of formalizing and even creating mathematics.

Come and see how far a computer can get at doing geometry!