Bellvitge University Hospital (HUB)

Excellence and recognition awards
  • Several consecutive years awarded with the TOP 20 (Best Hospitals in Spain).
  • Best Ideas Awards (Diario Médico)
Ranking positioning

Number 16 in the TOP 20 of 2018- Ranking Spanish Hospitals

Director of the center

Fernando Fernández

  • Professor of Psychology at the University of Barcelona and Head of the Eating Disorders Unit at the Department of Psychiatry (HUB)
  • Director of the Research Committee of HUB and Head of CIBERobn Group (Spanish Research Network for Obesity and Nutrition).
  • PhD University of Hamburg (Germany) and invited Professor at the UNC (NC,US), and McGill University, Montreal (Canada).
  • More than 300 peer-reviewed published paper and PI or more than 35 National and International (FW5, FW6, FW7, H2020) funded Projects.
  • Recipient of several international Awards (2004 AED Meehan Hartley Award, 2011 Best EU Serious Game, 2015 AED leadership Research Award, 2017 Hilde Bruch Lecture Award).
The project

Transplant science is a success model of translational medicine gathering basic and clinical researchers seeking a common objective. During this project you will feel as a truly and passionate transplant scientist seeking the way to avoid long-term transplant failure.

Do you accept the challenge?

How many people are suffering from Diabetes and Obesity in the current society? Do social and cultural changes have any impact on their prevalence? Do you know which is the close relationship between diabetes, food and our eating habits? Overweight, obesity and diabetes have become one of the global problems nowadays and finding better treatments to minimize their associated mortality is a priority. Join the project to research about diabetes and obesity from three different scopes, how to prevent, diagnose, treat it and manage a correct nutrition and eating regarding its specific requirements.