We are the IBE (Institut de Biologia Evolutiva) group, composed of 7 people from different countries and background, but with the same interests: passion about phylogenetic and biodiversity. We spend the first 3 days with the whole BIYSC family in Món Sant Benet, a beautiful place near Barcelona surrounded by nature. We had the opportunity to attend and debate hight quality lectures about molecular regulation of insects metamorphosis, cosmology, robots and brain, light and dark matter, bioethics and research and many more given by some of the most prestigious scientists working in Catalonia. 

Right now we are in Barcelona working on the project called "Discovering the hidden diversity of the ocean" coordinated by 3 PhD students in PRBB, a center located right next to the beach. Our aim is to study the morphology and DNA analysis (18RS) of an unknown unicelular eukaryote organism isolated in Canada from the intestine of a mollusk, which was send to our lab to be studied in more detail. This will help us to understand the transition from unicelular organisms to multicelular by addition and cell-to-cell communication.

The 16th of July was the first oficial day with this project. They welcomed us in the PRBB, and after that they showed us the laboratory in the Pompeu Fabra University and the CSIC, where we will be using techniques such as DNA extraction, fluorescent microscopy, PCR, electrophoresis. We will also work with computers by manipulating microscopy images to make them more clear. Now we are looking forward to start working in the professional labs and finishing successfully our project.