After 3 intense days, the BIYSC participants conclude their stay in Món Sant Benet to set themselves in Barcelona for their research projects. After the first contact with the BIYSC staff during the “Welcome Dinner” on Monday, the students have joined a total of 13 “Scientific Lectures” from top researchers of the different research centers collaborating in the program:

Both Tuesday and Wednesday, participants have also enjoyed from the company of young PhD researchers through the “STEM Dinner” sessions, where they have been able to debate different cutting edge scientific topics on physics, chemistry and biomedicine. Today, along with the Fundació Víctor Grífols i Lucas, students are being introduced to the field of bioethics, which will be of capital importance for their future scientific careers.

After lunch, all participants have abandoned the Món Sant Benet center for their visit to the ALBA Synchrotron, the particle accelerator located at the outskirts of Barcelona. After this, the students have done the check-in at the Penyafort Residence Hall, where they will be living the rest of the program; and they have had the official reception to the capital at the Scientific Park of Barcelona (PCB), where some of the top research centers in Catalonia are located.