We are Sílvia Piqué, Rut Sendra, Maria Quintana, Cristina Zamarreño, Lola Forn, Nina Esteba, Marc Vallès, Júlia Comabella, Cèlia Ventura and Maria Grau.

Today has been the last day we spent in the lab working on our projects. This means we have already finished the whole process as well as the presentation. We have been working in the CRG which is part of the PRBB.

We are the IBE (Institut de Biologia Evolutiva) group, composed of 7 people from different countries and background, but with the same interests: passion about phylogenetic and biodiversity. We spend the first 3 days with the whole BIYSC family in Món Sant Benet, a beautiful place near Barcelona surrounded by nature.

Our project has been about learning the different mechanisms that occur from DNA to proteins in detail. During this process we have learned the possible diseases that can happen caused by the failure of these proteins, and also have understood how computational chemistry can help in drug design in order to cure these diseases. Every day we have seen different techniques in the lab and computer to identify these problems. Moreover, we have received lessons in order to understand everything in more detail.

Heeeey there! I am using WhatsApp (no, just joking). We’re Jonathan, Aleix, Juan, Manel and Laia and we’re glad to be part of the first edition of BIYSC. In this course, we’ve been participating in the project "Neurorobotics as a tool to understand the brain". The project has been developed in SPECS, The Synthetic Perceptive, Emotive and Cognitive Systems group: a multidisciplinary group founded in 2005 by ICREA Research Professor Paul Verschure (University Pompeu Fabra).

Hello everybody!

We are Guillem, Helena, Jordi, Kate and Luis and we participate in the “Bioinspired / Social robots and IoT: an example of a cloud robotics system” project. Next, we are going to explain you some of our experiences and feelings.

Hey everyone! 
We are one of the groups who have had the unique chance to take part in the very first edition of the BIYSC. We have just come back from our first day of work on the project "NanoLight: Light and Matter at the Nanoscale", which is held at the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO), in Castelldefels (Barcelona).  

After 3 intense days, the BIYSC participants conclude their stay in Món Sant Benet to set themselves in Barcelona for their research projects. After the first contact with the BIYSC staff during the “Welcome Dinner” on Monday, the students have joined a total of 13 “Scientific Lectures” from top researchers of the different research centers collaborating in the program: