(Accommodation, initially planned at the Ágora Residence, will finally be at the Alimara Hotel, which is located in the same area and will offer better facilities and comfort for the participants).

During the entire program (from July 4th to July 15th, 2022), students will stay at the ALIMARA HOTEL (link is external), which has excellent facilities (4****), is well connected to the city centre and has good connections to all the different research centers.

The participants, and their accompanying staff, will commute from there to the research centers distributed around the city and on the outskirts of Barcelona where they will be working on their research projects. The program also includes cultural and social activities that will take place at different points of interest in the city.

Three main meals per day are included: breakfast is around 8 am, lunch around 1 pm and dinner around 8 pm (depending on the scheduling of each project, mealtimes may vary slightly to better accommodate activities and logistics). Breakfast and dinner are at the ALIMARA HOTEL. Lunch will be at restaurants near the research centres where the different projects are taking place. If required, dietary needs will be catered for.



The ALIMARA HOTEL is located in a quiet neighbourhood, well connected to the city centre by Metro and close to the main routes to commute to the research centres participating in BIYSC 2022. It is also well connected to the main railway stations and the airport, as well as being easily accessible by car through the main access roads to Barcelona.

Double bedrooms with private bathrooms · Air-conditioned rooms · Free Wi-Fi · 24h Reception · Laundry · Gym· Garden and Terrace · Cafeteria

More information: ALIMARA HOTEL (link is external) · FAQ



If booked in advance, rooms in ALIMARA HOTEL (link is external) may be available for participants that arrive earlier or wish to leave later. All arrangements must be made directly with the Hotel and the cost for the extra nights is at the participant’s own expense (if you mention that you are a BIYSC participant you will receive a discount at the Alimara Hotel). See below for the contact details:

Email: (link sends e-mail)

Phone: + (34) 934 270 000

Please also contact us in advance at (link sends e-mail) to keep us informed if you finally book extra nights either in the Hotel or at any other place of your choice.