Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation, through the Area of Knowledge, Education and Research, introduces BIYSC this July 2016  as part of its vision in developing and colaborating with projects that promote excellence in Education, offering  young students opportunities and supporting those at risk of social exclusion.

BIYSC was created based on the knowledge of projects that the Foundation has been running for several years in Catalonia and through the experience of our students that have attended similar International programmes around the world.

Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation had a clear vision of wanting to offer the same opportunities  with an International scope, inspiring young scientific students from around the world to meet in Barcelona and encourage them to work on projects of their choice bringing new ideas into the scientific world.

BIYSC counts with the support of the Network of Youth Excellence (NYEX) and the research centers that belong to the  Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST).



The first programme that was launched in 2008 was Youth & Science, its aim was and is to promote scientific careers amongst young students in a 3 year programme that offers the opportunity to go to an International event of similar characteristiques in the last year of the programme - 1000 students apply every year-

  • Crazy about Science was launched in 2013 offering the opportunity to develop their curiosity in science and in a different format. 200 students work every year on science projects during 18 saturdays of their school year. 


International programmes with whom we cooperate :

  • MIT Global Teaching Lab -  We welcome students from MIT Global Teaching Labs that are invited to teach in high schools throughout the country. At each location the students prepare tailored courses on science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), that are a complement to the schools curriculum and highlight MIT´s hands-on approach to learning.
  • Physics Tournament in cooperation with the Davidson Institute and with the support of the Weizmann Institute- Is a Safe -cracking competition that was held in Barcelona by Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation.

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Youth Science Programme Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation
BIST - Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology
NYEX - Network of Youth Excellence
MISTI - MIT International Science & Technology Initiatives
Weizmann Institute of Science -Davidson Institute